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Spare part

The parts of rotary kiln we provided are characterized by wear-resistant and impact resistance.

It fully reduces the downtime of maintenance, and greatly improves the customer's rotary kiln production line system's economic benefits.


Supporting Roller of Rotary Kiln

The supporting unit can bear the weight of whole rotary kiln (mainly including drum, lining brick, heat exchange device, material, rolling ring and gear ring), and make the drum and rolling ring rotate steadily. So the supporting roller with ultra-strong bearing strength becomes one of standards to measure the good product quality of rotary kiln.


Thrust Roller

We can provide mechanical thrust roller and hydraulic thrust roller according to customers’ requirements.


Rotary Kiln Ring Gear

 we will supply the spare parts for roatry kiln to make sure your rotary kiln work well.


Rotary Kiln Rolling Ring

Rotary Kiln Rolling Ring is a weight load part for the kiln shell and the fireproofing bricks.The material of the ring refers to the quality. 


Rotary Kiln Multilayer Fish-scale Sealing

 Multilayer fish-scale sealing pattern has characteristics of high-temperature-resistance, wear-resistance, tight sealing, and so on. It solved the problems of poor temperature resistant performance, ash leakage, air leakage, and so on.