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Utilizing Rotary kilns as the key pyro processing equipment, HANDA has experience with over 80 different types of ores, minerals, chemicals and wastes. Some of the materials calcined, roasted, nodulized, burning or otherwise processed in rotary kilns are: cement clinker, limestone, magnesite, dolomite, fire clay, blast furnace dust, sludge, lightweight aggregate, petroleum coke, zinc minerals, calcium carbonate waste, gold ores, paint pigments, lead minerals, catalysts, etc. Applications for rotary kilns continue to grow to meet new processing needs. When unproven process are required or calcinations of unusual materials are desired, HANDA offers batch and pilot scale kilns that can simulate conditions in continuous commercial rotary kilns, allowing our customers to test small samples of material under various process conditions, as well as part of a continuous process.

    • Rotary kiln for α-alumina

      α- alumina calcination rotary kiln process which developed by our company belonging to high-temperature short-time firing process. ....


    • Rotary kiln for high-alumina cement

      Rotary kiln calcination process uses bitumite as fuel to produce high alumina cement. The main characteristics are low cost, high efficiency and stable quality performance, so it is a widely used process. ....


    • Rotary kiln for calcium aluminate powder

      The calcium aluminate rotary kiln from Handa Heavy Industry features in advanced design, stable quality, low operation cost, energy saving, high efficiency, large productivity, low pollution and convenient repairing and maintenance... ....


    • Oil fracturing proppant rotary kiln

      Rich bauxite will be finely processed, later mixed with chemical reagent and phase-changing agent to make into balls of different sizes, and sintered at high temperature to be ceramic fracturing proppants.. ....

    • Kaolin calcination rotary kiln

      The calcination process system and process calcinator, which are determined by the classification of coal series clay, soft and hard soil can realize the fast decomposition, slow redox and drying use of heat source.... ....

    • Molybdenum oxide rotary kiln

      The characteristics of internal combustion type rotary kiln is good calcination quality, large output capacity, long service life, energy saving and environmental friendly..... ....