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Utilizing Rotary kilns as the key pyro processing equipment, HANDA has experience with over 80 different types of ores, minerals, chemicals and wastes. Some of the materials calcined, roasted, nodulized, burning or otherwise processed in rotary kilns are: cement clinker, limestone, magnesite, dolomite, fire clay, blast furnace dust, sludge, lightweight aggregate, petroleum coke, zinc minerals, calcium carbonate waste, gold ores, paint pigments, lead minerals, catalysts, etc. Applications for rotary kilns continue to grow to meet new processing needs. When unproven process are required or calcinations of unusual materials are desired, HANDA offers batch and pilot scale kilns that can simulate conditions in continuous commercial rotary kilns, allowing our customers to test small samples of material under various process conditions, as well as part of a continuous process.

  • Ceramsite rotary kiln

    Rotary kiln for Lightweight aggregate

    Lightweight aggregate is also called the ceramsite. which is a kind of ceramic quality of a material of artificial particles, high strength, fire prevention performance good weathering resistance and other functions. It is one of the most excellent....

  • lime rotary kiln

    Rotary kiln for lime

    Rotary kiln has very wide application in the manufacturing industry, and at the same time, it is one of the significantly important machines in cement production. According to different processing methods, it can be divided in to wet process rotary kiln ....

  • zinc oxide rotary kiln

    Rotary kiln for zinc material

    Zinc oxide is a kind of white or light yellow powder. Its english name is zinc oxide or zinc white. It is easy to disperse in rubber and latex and it is a reinforcing agent, active agent and vulcanized agent of natural rubber and synthetic rubber...

  • Iron ore pelletizing rotary kiln

    Rotary kiln for iron ore pelletizing

    With the rise of almost demanding requirements for fine material of modern blast furnace, as well as the rise of short process of iron and steel smelting , the role of pellets in the steel industry is even more important....

  • Petroleum Coke Calcination Rotary Kiln

    Rotary kiln for petroleum calcination

    2013 Petroleum Coke Calcination Rotary Kiln in China...

  • Rotary Kiln-for medical Waste disposal

    Rotary kiln for medical waste incineration

    Rotary kiln is the most widely used equipment in the international waste disposal area. It has 85% percent share of the market of world waste disposal. As our country’s recommended type of waste disposal equipment, it can dispose solid and liquid waste.....

  • active carbon regenaration rotary kiln

    Rotary kiln for activated carbon regeneration

    QSY Rotary Kiln is mainly used for activated carbon regeneration in Gold CIP Production Line. After gold loaded carbon desorption, it is washed by dilute sulphuric acid or nitric acid to remove the accumulation such as calcium carbonate, after several working cycle, the carbon must be thermodynamic activation to regain the activity......