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Sludge lightweight aggregate production line

Sludge lightweight aggregate introduction

To process municipal sewage and industrial wastewater generates lot of sludge, how to dispose these sludge is a difficult problem. Our company research and develop the sludge lightweight aggregate production method on the basis of clay aggregate produce skill, and successfully completed the lightweight aggregate production line using the sludge as raw material. Now it works well. Sludge lightweight aggregate is the synonym of energy conservation, environmental protection, green and high efficiency. Sludge lightweight aggregate possess the character of lightweight, high strength, low water absorption, thermal insulation, frost resisting,anti-corrosion,etc. Sludge lightweight aggregate is widely used in the field of roof slope, heat insulation concrete, waste water treatment, landscaping and soilless culture, etc. 

Sludge lightweight aggregate manufacturing technique

Taking sludge as raw material, adding clay or shale as auxiliary materials, adopting grinding and sludge plastic pelletizing method, taking the new type twin tube dumbbell rotary kiln as main producing equipment. The production line could use coal, gas, heavy oil and rice husk as fuel. 

Sludge lightweight aggregate product


Our service

Our team are committed to providing the highest level of service, spare parts and training in the material and processing industries. We are here to support our customers 24/7 with the following:

● Doing the Laboratory Test, small scale test, pilot scale test for all kinds of raw material for lightweight aggregate such as shale, flyash, coal gangue, industrial sludge, clay, sea and river sludge, all kinds of tailings

● Doing the engineering design,project contracting for the lightweight aggregate production line in all kinds of raw material and scale (20,000-200,000 m3 per year)

● Designing and customizing rotary kiln and accessory equipment for lightweight aggregate

● Designing and customizing all kinds of industrial rotary kiln ( direct fire or indirect heating ) upon customer’s raw material and thermal technical requirements

● supplying the spare sparts and maintenance service for every kinds of industrial rotary kiln. 

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