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Rotary kiln incinerator

Rotary kiln incinerator, designed and produced by HANDA, has many advantages, including the advanced technology, good incineration effect, stable performance, saving investment and low operation cost, etc. Our rotary kiln incinerator can not only effectively control the generation of toxic substance like Dioxin, but also efficiently recycle heat energy (such as steam and scalding water), which makes garbage disposal harmlessness, reduction and resource. Thus, rotary kiln incinerator has been widely used in industrial solid waste disposal, poisonous hazardous waste disposal, medical waste safe disposal and other waste synthesized incinerating disposal, including biochemical sludge, various residues, salt slag and so on.

1. Design concept of rotary kiln incinerator

Economy and durability, stability and reliability, simple and reasonable structure.

2. Design technology of rotary kiln incinerator

2.1 Main incinerator equipment: rotary kiln + secondary combustion chamber + heat-exchange equipment + tail gas treatment equipment;

2.2 Exhaust gas purifying: spray absorbing column + activated carbon adsorption + high efficiency sack-duster;

3. Technical feature of rotary kiln incinerator

3.1 Adopting pin geared transmission structure, with the constraint of large-scale equipment aside, the manufacturing costs lower obviously.

3.2 Adopting high quality steel through heat treatment, the running quality is reliable, light in weight.

3.3 Lubrication design is reliable and environmental protection, achieving ideal effect. (The sprocket uses thin oil and the pin uses lubricating grease.)

3.4 Adopting hydraulic motor, it is low-cost, low energy consumption, low noise and step-less speed.

3.5 With small occupying space, the equipment is easy to install, and has small amount of maintenance, reducing time and effort.

4. Supporting system of rotary kiln incinerator

Feeding system, sorting system, secondary combustion chamber combustion system, cooling system and dust removal system, we can design and supply whole system equipment.

5. Technical Parameters of Rotary kiln incinerator

No. Model Spec (mm) Power (kw) Treatment capacity (t/h)
1 CLJY1500 Φ1500X7500 7.5 1
2 CLJY2000 Φ2000X8000 7.5 1.5
3 CLJY2500 Φ2500X9000 11 2
4 CLJY3000 Φ3000X10000 22 2.5
5 CLJY3500 Φ3500X11000 30 3
6 CLJY4000 Φ4000X12000 45 3.5
7 CLJY4000 Φ5000X15000 55 4

6. Flue gas emission standard of Rotary kiln incinerator

Measured under the standard condition (273K temperature, 1013kpa pressure, 11% oxygen content, dry flue gas).

Pollutant China USA EU

PM (particulate mater) (mg/m3)


about 372


Carbon monoxide (mg/m3)z



Sulfur dioxide (mg/m3)



Hydrogen fluoride (mg/m3)


about 2.8


Hydrogen chloride (mg/m3)



Oxynitride (mg/m3)


about 0.09


Mercury and its compounds (mg/m3)


about 0.045


Cadmium and its compounds (mg/m3)


about 0.045


Lead and its compounds(mg/m3)



Arsenic, nickel and its compounds (mg/m3)


about 0.06(arsenic + beryllium + chromium)

Chromium, stannum, antimony, copper, manganese and its compounds (mg/m3)


Dioxins (mg/m3)


about 0.2 or 0.28


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