Rotary kiln for medical waste incineration

Rotary kiln is the most widely used equipment in the international waste disposal area. It has 85% percent share of the market of world waste disposal. As our country’s recommended type of waste disposal equipment, it can dispose solid and liquid waste at the same time.

Rotary kiln is a reliable and effective method to realize the harmless disposal, reduction and recycling of garbage. In dealing with complicated industrial waste and medical waste, rotary kiln incinerator has advantages of wide adaptability, reliable performance, convenient operation, easy maintenance, etc.

Technical Process

It can dispose both solid and liquid waste at the same time. The solid waste is conveyed to the rotary kiln by dedicated equipment. The liquid waste is sprayed into the feed end. As the rotary kiln incinerator rotating, the garbage mix uniformly, rolling and moving toward along downward slope. In the oxygendeficit environment, the wastes water was evaporated, the volatile is ejected, and the wastes were fired and be burned. The ash is discharged from the bottom of second furnace room. The smoke generated enter the second furnace room, blend with the air there and then be completely burned and safely discharged. So even the special garbage with high water content can be burned completely.


1.Wide adaptability, it can dispose solid, liquid, gas, colloid at the same time.

2.The wastes ware rolling and moving forward, make high utilization efficiency of heat.

3.The high temperature material was contact with refractory material, it is easy to change the furnace lining which costs little.

4.The  transmission principle is simple and the maintenance is easy as the transmission mechanism is out of the kiln shell.

5.It doesn’t ask much to material’s shape and water content.

6.Being in the temperature over 850 for more than 1 hour in the rotary kiln makes the wastes were almost burnt out. The high temperature over 1100 in the second furnace room make the not totally burned wastes be totally burned, which avoid and reduce the mode region that producing dioxin.

7.Excellent sealing and negative pressure of the furnace, make sure the hazardous gas wouldn’t leak out.

8.The continuous working efficiency is high, the annual operational rate can be 90% with smooth and easy operation.

Suitable for burning sludge, industry waste, medical waste, and high water content wastes.