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Rotary kiln for high alumina cement

High alumina cement, sometimes known as aluminous refractory cement or High temperature resistant cement, features in rapid hardening, early strength, high temperature resistance, sulfate corrosion resistance, and winter resistance. It is suitable for urgent repair, rapid construction, sulfate corrosion resistant projects and high temperature resistant projects.

Rotary kiln calcination process uses bitumite as fuel to produce high alumina cement. The main characteristics are low cost, high efficiency and stable quality performance, so it is a widely used process.

The whole process is shown as below:
First of all, select high quality bauxite and limetone as raw materials; Then, mix them together at a certain proportion and send to ball mill for grinding; Later, the raw meals from ball mill will ben sent to the rotary kiln for calcination; At last, the clinkers from the kiln will be ground by the mill into fine powder, that is, high alumina cement.