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   Handa supply India customer the coconut shell carbonization machine, which produce 1 ton carbon per hour.

  The carbonization furnace is continuous type and environment friendly, which mainly include the follow parts: gasifier, flue gas purifier, condenser, fans, burners, carbonization furnace etc. This equipment adopting the model of drum destructive distillation

Handan’s carbonization furnace

carbonization by 2 layer of drums, making the best of combustible gas, such as CO, methane, hydrogen, etc, which is generated in the process of destructive distillation carbonization. After these gas is separated the wood tar oil, wood acid solution by the flue gas purifier system, the pure combustible gas is getting, which is full combustion by self air distributing burner, heating the high temperature carbonization drum ( the temperature is generally controlled about 750℃ ). There is 2 layers drum in the carbonizer. The inner drum is for preheating and drying, the outer drum is for high temperature carbonization. The inner drum takes advantage of the waste gas in the carbonizer to drying the raw material. The outer drum is equipped with combustible gas recovery pipe. The outer drum carbonizes the raw material on high temperature, at the same time decomposing the combustible gas, such as CO, methane, hydrogen, etc, which go through the gas recovery pipe, flue gas purifier, burners to heat the outer drum, up to the effect of recycling heating and carbonization. The gas source of the first carbonization firing is supplied by biomass gasification furnace.Handan’s carbonization furnace

The environment friendly continuous carbonization furnace will carbonize coconut shell, apricot shell, sawdust, wood chips, rice husk, bamboo, eucalyptus, mushroom dregs, dregs of decoction, furfural residue, coffee residue, palm shell, peanut shell, walnut shell, etc, etc, the woodiness materials with carbon ( the particle size under 15mm), carrying through the destructive distillation, without oxygen carbonization, and with high carbonization rate under the high temperature conditions in the carbonization furnace chamber. At the same time, it could carbonize the waste, such as chicken manure, cow dung, up to the aim of waste recycling and environmental protection.Handan’s carbonization furnace

The continuous carbonization furnace could applied by active carbon factory, BBQ carbon factory and other field which need to carbonize the raw material.