LECA (lightweight expanded clay aggregate) rotary kiln equipment is composed of rotary drum, supporting unit, driving unit, end seal units and coal-injection duct unit. The whole kiln body, keeping in a position with some slope, is supported by kiln roller and fixed by block-wheel device. Besides, LECA rotary kiln also have the device to make kiln body move slowly and prevent the kiln body from deforming even when the power of main drive is off. 

LECA rotary kiln

As a leading designer and producer of rotary kilns for various fields, HANDA Heavy Industry has newly launched an advanced LECA rotary kiln with simple structure, long lifespan furnace, high activity rate, stable operation, low heat consumption and high efficiency, which makes it a perfect calcining equipment.

Nowadays, HANDA LECA rotary kiln has been widely used in a variety of lightweight expanded clay aggregate materials calcining and fabrication, such as dolomite, kaolin, bauxite, refractory matter, cement, limestone, coke, mineral powder and so on.

There are two ways to produce ceramsite via LECA rotary kilns:

1.Wet-process production: similar with wet-process cement production, calcining and drying moist material just in one longer rotary kiln.

2.Malleable production: making raw materials into semi-finished products, fed to kiln after drying, which can shorten the length of LECA rotary kiln.

LECA rotary kilns

LECA rotary kiln from HANDA has simple structure, high unit volume, long lifespan kiln body, high running rate, stable operation, high heat transfer efficiency and low heat consumption, etc. Moreover, LECA rotary kiln can not only automatically control temperature and raise the alarm if overheat, but also utilize waste heat when secondary air comes in. With the advanced end seal technology and device, this rotary kiln is able to work stably and achieve high production.