Nowadays, lime is a kind of material with a broad use, including construction materials industry, metallurgy, chemical engineering, environmental protection, medicine and agriculture field, etc. As the kiln for active lime calcining, lime rotary kilns have played a big part in a various industries. With the development of iron and steel smelting processes, HANDA has newly launched a series of high-quality rotary kilns specially designed for lime, in order to fulfill the huge market demand.

Adopting the advanced structure, these lime rotary kilns from HANDA have low-resistance preheater that can efficiently promote the preheating effect. After heating, the resolution ratio of limestone could reach 20%-25%, and the fine-grained limestone with 10-15mm diameter can be used directly. Moreover, both ends of lime rotary kilns use the combined sealing technology, which makes the air leakage factor less than 10%. At the same time, with the compound type refractory material, these rotary kilns for lime are able to reduce radiation heat loss.

Speaking of cost reduction and product quality promotion, HANDA lime rotary kilns have a series of advantages, such as large-scale production, superior technical performance and running situation. For example, in the construction material industry, these lime rotary kilns can not only calcine lime and clinker, but also calcine the clay and drying slag. During the refractories production, using rotary kilns to calcine materials can stabilize the size and increase strength for process molding. In virtue of the wide application range for raw material and fuel, easy to maintain, low-consumption and eco friendly, HANDA lime rotary kilns have been the first choice for the lime industry. As the leading professional designer and manufacturer of rotary kilns, HANDA has been always improving its own development and using the advanced technology to produce the most cost effective rotary kilns, making unremitting efforts to create more value for customers and society, also making a contribution to environmental protection.