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 HANADA is professional in design and manufacture the cat litter production line, now the capacity 1100,000 ton per year. According to the producing process, our automatic cat litter production line could produce 0.5—1.5mm0.8—2.0mm1.5—2mm2—2.5mm2.5—3.5mm natural color or colorful cat litter, lightweight cat litter, no smelly cat litter, Green cat litter, good smell cat litter, Organic cat litter.


   The new type cat litter disc pelletizer with the china national patent is developed by our own factory, which is a new kind of high technology product, mainly for designed for the material not easy pelletizing or the pellet making in Poor roundness, mainly adopted for adding the wood dust, paper scraps and Sandy material etc, into the main material.


 Among this production line, the cat litter sealed disc pelletizer is a key equipment for cat litter pellets, which is specially designed according to the bentonite industry requirements, automatic adding raw material and water, totally sealed working, no dust generating. It is suitable for producing the 0.5—3.5mm0.5-1.5mm0.8-3.5mm1-4mm round pellet, natural color or colorful cat litter


The features of cat litter produced by our production line:

1. Firm blocking

Choosing the high quality calcium bentonite as raw material, the processing by modification, drying, pelletizing, screening, dust removal, then to be cat litter. The 3 specification pellet matched in reasonable ratio, ensure the best effect of blocking and water absorption.

2.  Very low dust

Even pellet, light texture, go trough 2 dust removing process, completely remove the dust in the cat litter, improving the cat litter quality and reduce the pollution to the environment.


3. Safe and non-toxic

Strong adsorption capacity of water and odor. Do not add any harmful chemicals during the processing, Even the cat eating, can't cause harm. Cat litter can be decomposed completely after discarding, do not pollute the environment.


The cat litter, taking the bentonite (wood dust), is produced by the special skill, with the features of strong ability of absorption for water and odor, quick blocking, retarding bacterial growth and Keeping the air clean, which is benefit for the cat or other pets in healthy growing. Cat litter complete seal disc pelletizing machine, which is produced by tailored to market demand,  is a general using equipment for bentonite industry. Cat litter complete seal disc pelletizing machine is making pellet in the complete sealed way, automatic adding water and raw material, no dust generating. It is suitable for producing the 0.5—3.5mm0.5-1.5mm0.8-3.5mm1-4mm round pellet, natural color or colorful cat litter. The raw material is pelletizing on the whole disc in the disc pelletizer. The angle of the disc could be adjusted, the size of the pellet easy to control, even pellet, high strength, high efficiency, easy maintenance.