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mineral sizer

In 1980, HANDA’s old and experienced engineer, Mr BAOQUAN, research and produce FP series mineral sizers. FP mineral sizer is featured with low power consumption, big capacity, simple structure, light weight and energy saving. FP series mineral sizer is a new conception crusher, which is completely different from the traditional toothed roll crusher of which crushed material and ores by impact and squeezing force. The FP series mineral sizer crushed the ores and materials by the combined action of shearing, bending and splitting. Because of adopting low rotation speed and special tooth pattern (the crushed tooth of mineral sizer is arranged in spiral pattern, strong ability to hold the big material block.), the size smaller than the expecting will be quickly discharged from the tooth gap, without crushed, the powder and fine finished product is little. FP mineral sizer has got the right of use for coal mine underground safety signs, so it could be installed and operated in the pit.

mineral sizer
mineral sizer

1.Applications of FP Mineral Sizers

FP mineral sizers have successfully applied by the follow industry and material crushing:
1.1, Cooper ores, gold ores, Nickel Ores, iron ores, bauxite ,etc ( primary and secondary crushing in metal mining ). Non-metallic ores, like Gypsum, talc ores, wollastonite ores, kaolin, etc.
1.2, coal (open pit coal mine, coal mine in pit, coal washery, coal chemical engineering factory, power plant, frozen coal block );
1.3, limestone ( cement industry, aggregate, lime industry);
1.4, coke ( steel mill );
1.5, lime (alumina plant)
1.6, oil shale
1.7, Surface rock of open pit;; frozen clay block; granite and more other materials

2. Working principle of mineral sizer

The sizing crusher is a brand new concept crusher, to crushing the material by the both forth of shear and stretch. The toothed roll adopt large torque, low speed and special tooth pattern to get the required crushing size, at the same time to make sure the minimum over crushing.

sizing crusher

                                                  internal rotation

sizing crusher

                                                outward rotation

According to the customer's  raw material, capapcity, crushing size, our company could design and manufacture variety of tooth form to up to the customer's requirements.

sizing crusher

3. Technical data of mineral sizers

Primary Crushing FP50 series FP5080 FP50120 FP50160 FP50200
FP63 series FP63150 FP63200 FP63240 FP63300
FP75 series FP75150 FP75200 FP75300  
FP100 and above series FP100150 FP100200 FP115150 FP115200
FP50 series FP50SS FP50SM FP50SL  
FP63 series FP63SS FP63SM FP63SL  
FP80 series FP80SS FP80SM FP80SL  
FP100 series FP100SS FP100SM    

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