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Gold Ore Ball Mill (Mining Mill)

Application of Gold Ore Ball Mill

Gold ore refers to mineral aggregate with enough gold content and the ability of industrial use. The ore concentrate is obtained after mineral processing technology. Gold is not only important decoration but also an advanced materials for industry. Gold ore ball mill with our exclusive research and development, a specially-used efficient gold ore grinding equipment, can be used to grind gold ore to below 0.074mm for subsequent mineral processing flow path. The feed particle size is no bigger than 25mm, and the ball load is 1.5-338t.

Gold Ore Ball Mill (Mining Mill)

Mineral Process Technology of Gold Ore

1.Stage crushing. After the first stage crushing, raw ore will be sent to double-layer shaker screen to sieve.The upper layer products through re-crushing will be crushed together with middle layer products for second stage crushing. And the second stage crushing products will return and merge the first stage crushing products for screening.

2.Stage grinding. Final products after screening will be grinded through the first stage ball mill and constitute closed circuit grinding with the grading mechanism. After grading via hydrocyclones, classifier overflow will enter the second ball mill for re-grinding, and then form closed circuit grinding with hydrocyclones.

3.Flotation stage. First, the hydrocyclones overflow will conduct the differential flotation, and then its froth products will be through second and third cleaning operations for final ore concentrate products. 

Performance Feature of Gold Ore Ball Mill:

1.Forming closed system with classifier , negative pressure transport, no dust.

2.Optimizing the shape and materials of lining plate and grinding medium, making according to German requirements, reducing the damage rate and promoting grinding efficiency.

3.Large ball loading quantity, suitable for big ball and small ball, and small ball won’t be discharged, creating good working conditions.

4.Adding compulsive ore discharge device at discharge end, the handling ability promotes 40%.

5.Change sliding bearing to rolling bearing with large bearing capacity, increasing over 5% for the lifespan of sliding bearing.

6.Using pneumatic clutch to make the joint smooth and steady.

Influence Factors of Gold Ore Ball Mill Performance

1.Water addition. If water addition is overmuch, materials are too disperse to reduce the opportunity of interaction between steel ball and gold ore, and decrease the impact of steel ball. While if water addition is too little, the diffluent slurry cannot be formed.

2.Ball load. The sum of each steel ball working determines the efficiency of complete machine, therefore, the ball load and the output has direct relation. If too much ball load, steel balls will press and stack, so part of steel balls fall down not reaching the needed height, and the crushing ability of each ball cannot give a full play. While if ball load is too little, although the crushing ability of each ball can play its full role, the total crushing ability is still limited.

The performance of gold ore ball mill from our company is excellent. Ball load is matched under many tests circumstances. There are professionals offering the operation guidance for you, avoiding unnecessary loss due to improper operation, all of which endeavor to maximize your working efficiency. 

Technical Data of Gold Ore Ball Mill

Specification Speed of tube (r/min) Ball load(t) Feed size(mm) Discharge size(mm) Output(t/h) Motor power(kw) Total weight(t)
Ф900×1800 36~38 1.5 ≤20 0.075-0.89 0.65-2 18.5 4.6
Ф900×3000 38 2.7 ≤20 0.075-0.89 1.1-3.5 22 5.6
Ф1200×2400 33 3 ≤25 0.075-0.6 1.5-4.8 30 12
Ф1200×3000 33 3.5 ≤25 0.074-0.4 1.6-5 37 12.8
Ф1200×4500 33 5 ≤25 0.074-0.4 1.6-5.8 55 13.8
Ф1500×3000 29 7.5 ≤25 0.074-0.4 2-5 75 15.6
Ф1500×4500 29 11 ≤25 0.074-0.4 3-6 110 21
Ф1500×5700 29 12 ≤25 0.074-0.4 3.5-6 130 24.7
Ф1830×3000 25.4 11 ≤25 0.074-0.4 4-10 130 28
Ф1830×4500 25.4 15 ≤25 0.074-0.4 4.5-12 155 32
Ф1830×6400 25.4 21 ≤25 0.074-0.4 6.5-15 210 34
Ф1830×7000 25.4 23 ≤25 0.074-0.4 7.5-17 245 36
Ф2100×3600 23.7 15 ≤25 0.074-0.4 6.5-36 200 34
Ф2100×4500 23.7 24 ≤25 0.074-0.4 8-43 245 42
Ф2100×7000 23.7 26 ≤25 0.074-0.4 8-48 280 50
Ф2200×4500 21.5 27 ≤25 0.074-0.4 9-45 280 48.5
Ф2200×6500 21.7 35 ≤25 0.074-0.4 14-26 380 52.8
Ф2200×7000 21.7 35 ≤25 0.074-0.4 15-28 380 54
Ф2200×7500 21.7 35 ≤25 0.074-0.4 15-30 380 56
Ф2400×4500 21 30 ≤25 0.074-0.4 8.5-60 320 65
Ф2700×4000 20.7 40 ≤25 0.074-0.4 12-80 380 94
Ф2700×4500 20.7 48 ≤25 0.074-0.4 12-90 480 102
Ф3200×4500 18 65 ≤25 0.074-0.4 Depending on process conditions 630 137


Compared with traditional ball mill, the new generation gold ore ball mill from HANDA can lower 15% working current and 50% starting current, eradicate the burning loss, machine halt and production halts phenomenon, and improve the serious phenomenon of lacking concentricity, unstable running, current extremes, and the hollow shaft abrasion of ball mill. After using rolling bearing, the hollow shaft can continue to work, saving 90% thin oil lubrication and increasing 20% loading capacity.

Applied Case of Gold Ore Ball Mill

The application of our company ball mill for Suichang gold ore dressing plant in Zhejiang, China. This gold ore dressing plant can process 1200t gold ore per day. Ore crushing: Discharging raw ore into 70m³ crude ore bin through truck, feeding into a 400*600 jaw crusher for coarse crushing via vibrating feeder, merging the ore discharge after coarse crushing and the ore discharge after fine crushing and then sending to a 1250*2500mm vibrating screen for sieving via belt conveyor. Sending oversize products to φ1200 middle-sized cone crusher for fine crushing; sending undersize products to 160m³ two fine ore bin. The final product particle size of ore crushing is 0-15mm. There are corresponding iron remover and metering device on the belt conveyor.

Grinding flotation with two series: a φ1500*3000mm grate ball mill and a φ1200mm single spiral classifier constitutes a closed circuit grinding, grinding density is 79%-82%, overflow density of classifier is 34%-36%, 59%-62% fineness is less than 200mesh, the first stage flotation adopts one roughing, two choiceness and one scavenging, sharing 12slots of 5A flotation machine. Secondary grinding adopts a φ1500*3000mm ball mill and two φ250mm hydrocyclones to constitute closed circuit, overflow density of hydrocyclones is 25%-28%, and 90% fineness is less than 200mesh. The second stage flotation adopts one roughing, three choiceness and two scavenging, sharing 16slots of 5A flotation machine.

Dehydration: adopting concentration and filter two stage dehydration. The first and second flotation concentrate ore uses a φ9m thickener to condense, and uses vacuum filter to filter for finished concentrate ore. The water content of concentrate ore is 12%-14%. Vacuum system of filter is matched with two SZ-3 water-ring vacuum pump and a SZ-2 air compressor.

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