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Fly ash lightweight aggregate production line

Fly Ash lightweight aggregate introduction

The structure of the fly ash lightweight aggregate is compact, low porosity, with hard glassiness shell. It is suitable for make up high strength, low density, high heat resistance, fire proof and durability lightweight concrete, which is widely used in constructional engineering, bridge construction and road construction. 

Fly Ash lightweight aggregate manufacturing technique

 The complete of the fly ash aggregate production system is composed of material supply, continuous metering, (humidification) mixing, secondary blending, pelletizing, sintering machine burning and electric automatic control system. This system adopts three level flyash as raw material, which discharged in quantity by power generation enterprises and chemical enterprise. In the raw material, the content of fly ash is up to 85%-92%, adding certain percent of auxiliary material, adoption of new technology, after pelletizing by disc pelletizer, taking advantage of carbon not burn out in the fly ash, making the green pellet to be natural roasting, turning out a kind of lightweight, hard and honeycomb artificial lightweight aggregate, the bulk density of which is usually 610~750kg/m³ and cylinder compressive strength is up to 3~8Mpa or more.

Technical parameters of fly ash lightweight aggregate production line

1.After the scientific optimization and combination, the annual output of fly ash lightweight aggregate produced by this equipment can reach as follows:

● 20,000m³

● 50,000m³

● 100,000m³

● 200,000m³

● 300,000m³

2.Main equipment (configured according to 100,000m³ annual output of fly ash lightweight aggregate)

No.  Equipment name SPEC& Model
1  Pelletizing device Disc diameter: 3200mm
2 Humidification mixing system Power: 11.0Kw
3 Material conveying system 3~4 sets 
4 Material secondary mixing device

Power: 7.5Kw

5 Coal ash handling system Power: 18.5Kw
6 Water & additive system  
7 Material continuous measurement system 3 sets, measuring precision±1%
8 Feeding system 3 sets
9 Storing system 2 sets
10 Sintering system 2 groups
11 Automatic control system  
12 Exhaust fume & dust removal system Use depending on needs


3. Main performance index 

No. Name Index Unit Remarks
1 Annual output 2、5、10、20、30 *10000 m³/y
  1. These indexes are calculated upon 100,000m³ annual output of flay ash lightweight aggregate.
  2. These indexes would change slightly according to the difference of gray matter and process configuration.
2 Fly ash dosage About 10.6 *10000 t/y
3 Addition material About 0.8 *10000 t/y
4 Admixture About 11 t/y
5 Water About 0.3 *10000 t/y
6 Electricity 1.05 million *10000 KWH
7 Total mass of equipment 60 t

Fly Ash lightweight aggregate product


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● Designing and customizing rotary kiln and accessory equipment for lightweight aggregate

● Designing and customizing all kinds of industrial rotary kiln ( direct fire or indirect heating ) upon customer’s raw material and thermal technical requirements

● supplying the spare sparts and maintenance service for every kinds of industrial rotary kiln. 

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