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About Us

HANDA is a leading designer and manufacturer of rotary kilns for a variety of industry. We could design and manufacture the rotary kilns according to customer’s requirements and raw materials. We have successfully supplied more than 110 rotary kiln systems worldwide for different industry.

HANDA rotary kiln is featured with heavy duty, efficiency, and longevity. Since 1950, HANDA begins to design and manufacture rotary kiln in highest quality standards, which is matched with ISO standard. The diameter of the rotary kiln we have produced is up to 6m. HANDA rotary kiln adopt advanced firing schedule, unique kiln tail and head seal, perfect preheater and cooler selection, all of which makes the rotary kiln system in high efficiency and energy saving up to 30%.

During more than 60 years of responding for customers'demand, HANDA accumulates the abundant experience to engineer and produce the rotary kiln according to the customers' raw materials. HADAN's rotary kiln have been successfully adopted for more than 80 kinds of raw materials. As per different material, the talented thermal engineers from HANDA will understand intensively the special character and the aim of the thermal treatment on the basis of the laboratory test.


HANDA service scope

    ▲ Major in designing and manufacturing rotary kiln for the industry such as building material, mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection, etc.
    ▲ Turnkey project for ACTIVATED CARBON PRODUCTION LINE, lime calcining system and medical waste incineration.


Our Strategic Sustainability

HANDA will make your material burning as the conditions you expect. If you have any material to be treated by rotary kiln, please speak to us by phone, fax or e-mail 24 hours a day.


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