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Chemical rotary kiln, mainly used for calcining chemical clinker, is divided into two categories: dry-process production chemical kiln and wet-process production chemical kiln. It’s common occurrence that short circuit and fusing problems appear in chemical rotary kiln, which can make worse potential safety hazard if users shut their eyes to these problems. Therefore, users need to take some measures to fix the issue, and before the treatment measures, they should figure out the correct reasons lead to the problems. If not, any treatment may cause worse damage to the chemical rotary kiln.

chemical rotary kiln

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Metallurgy rotary kiln, produced by HANDA who is devoted to designing and manufacturing a variety of rotary kilns for different industries, is one of thermal equipment to dry, roast and calcine the bulk materials. Nowadays, rotary kiln for metallurgy has been mainly used into the magnetization and calcination of lean iron ore in metallurgical industry, and the oxidation and calcination of chrome ore and josephinite. Generally speaking, metallurgy rotary kilns have been extensively applied into metallurgical field, chemical engineering industry and construction materials aspect, especially playing an important part in refractory materials industry. 

metallurgy rotary kiln

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Limestone rotary kiln from HANDA, a professional designer and manufacturer who has acquired the technology for many years, is specially designed rotary kiln for lime treatment. In virtue of the simple use, reasonable design, high production efficiency and other advantages, the limestone rotary kiln technology can also be applied into cement, construction materials, mine and metallurgy industry, etc. It’s one of the quite important equipment among HANDA rotary kilns.

limestone rotary kiln

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