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There are several ways and means of energy saving and consumption reducing on the rotary kiln calcining since HANDA designed and produced the Eco-friendly cement clinker rotary kiln. For example, this environmentally friendly rotary kiln can not only develop NSP technology, promote the calcining quality of cement clinker, but also attach great importance to energy conservation and consumption reduction.

cement clinker rotary kiln

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Rotary kiln is rotary calcining kiln, commonly known as rotate kiln, belonging to building materials equipment. According to different handling materials, rotary kiln could be divided into cement kiln, metallurgy chemical kiln and lime kiln. Thereinto, rotary kiln for cement industry is mainly used to calcine cement clinker, and can be divided into two types, including dry-process rotary kiln for cement production and wet-process rotary kiln cement production. 

rotary kiln for cement industry

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Zinc oxide rotary kiln from HANDA is a main equipment to calcine and smelt materials for zinc oxide, which has been widely used in cement industry, metallurgy field, chemical engineering, paper manufacturing and other fields. The accretion of rotary kiln cannot only affect the quality of zinc oxide, damage the refractory material in kiln, shorten the lifespan of rotary kiln, but also increasing the labor intensity. Therefore, it is important and necessary to know how to prevent the kiln from accretion and enhance the furnace heat efficiency of zinc oxide rotary kiln. 

zinc oxide rotary kiln

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