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The rotary kiln shell is the primary structure for a rotary kiln. When it is installed, it is usually welded on the site by several big shell part. After these parts are jointed, it will happens that two axial line is not coaxial, which will has bad impact on the normal working of the rotary kiln. So the axes of jointed rotary kiln shell must be corrected. Henan Jiaozuo Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd. Adopt the flame correction method to treat the jointed shell, which obtain good result. Flame correction adopts the plastic deformation after the metal is local heated offsets the prime deformation, by which it will up to the correction aim.

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The hematite rotary kiln graded mineral mixture through the magnetic separator, due to a variety of materials than the magnetization through the magnetic and mechanical forces the mixture of magnetic material separated, by mixing drum dressingthe material fed into the flotation machine, adding different drugs, making the separation of minerals to be based on different mineral characteristics.

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