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Through the technological innovation, calcination system of HANDA metallurgy rotary kiln has adopted world’s most advanced hydraulic thrust roller device, accurate plunger metering pump, high-precision speed control valve and contact graphite sealing device. In order to raise automation level, industry television system is installed in the kiln head to monitor the condition of furnace fire, technological process imitation screen, and calcinating zone applies infrared scanner to reflect the condition of calcinating zone on the computer.

These new technologies feature strong intuitive sense, easy operation, and reliability. HANDA metallurgy rotary kiln stabilizes thermal system, improves the operation rate of the equipment. Compared with the same specifications equipment, the operation rate and the production of HANDA rotary kiln are increased by 10% and 5%-10%, respectively, and the heat consumption is reduced by 15%.

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HANDA has successfully developed and manufactured the TQP series of disc pelletizer and GQ series of agglomeration drums, as new generation LECA plant and lightweight aggregate pelletizing machine. The raw material for lightweight aggregate could be shale, clay, fly ash, industrialsolid waste,river and sea sludge, by which, we could produce 5~25㎜ LWA used for building, flowers and plants, water filtration, refactory material, fracturing propping agent, etc. This kind of pelletizing machine is featured with easy to control the size of the pellet,unifor size of pellet, good strength pellet, visual operation, whole disc pelletizing, easy maintenance, strong adaptability to raw materials.

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