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With the progress of power industry, the emission of coal-fired power plants - fly ash emission load increases year by year, so a great deal of fly ash would generate fugitive dust if we could not deal with them. If discharging into water, it would lead to river silting, and the poisonous chemical substances would cause harm for human body and creature. Therefore, the recycling of fly ash is one of the effective methods to not only solve the pollution problem but also relieve the shortage of resource. HANDA rotary kiln, professional calcining equipment from the leading advanced rotary kiln designer and manufacturer, can help fly ash to turn waste into treasure and convert harm into benefit.

Rotary Kiln for Fly ash recycling


HANDA has been always devoted to research and develop the special-purpose equipment with high degree of automation on the basis of the existing rotary kiln device, constantly improving the technical equipment level of fly ash recycling and making due contributions for promoting fly ash comprehensive utilization. Fly ash contains carbon, iron, aluminum, hollow microsphere and other useful constituent. And the powerful way to eliminate fly ash harm and turn them into treasure is producing building materials based on the premise of high additive after recycling and extracting the useful constituent. During the comprehensive utilization of fly ash, the high quality rotary kiln produced by HANDA can assist in the maximization of fly ash integrated utilization, which has become the indispensable equipment for fly ash recycling.

Nowadays, fly ash has been mainly used to produce fly ash cement, fly ash brick, fly ash silicate blocks, fly ash aerated concrete and other construction materials. Moreover, it’s also available for agriculture fertilizer and soil conditioner. The fly ash lightweight aggregate is one type of artificial lightweight aggregates mainly made from fly ash, with a small amount of binder and solid fuel. As coal is widely used in China, the rapid increasing of fly ash emission loading capacity makes rotary kiln necessary and vital in turning waste into treasure. Just through simple treatment via rotary kiln, fly ash can be used as building materials or agricultural fertilizer, which also makes HANDA rotary kiln to be the indispensable essential equipment for fly ash recycling plant.