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Active carbon refers the carbon with developed pore structure, big specific surface area and strong adsorption capacity. Active carbon has many types, according to different raw materials, it can be divided into plant material carbon, coal carbon, petroleum carbon, bone coal and so on. In virtue of its adsorption property and catalytic performance, active carbon is insoluble in water or other solvent and stable in physics and chemistry, making it used very extensively.

active carbon rotary kiln

Mainly comprised of solid of revolution, lifting board, gearing, support device, seal ring and other components, active carbon rotary kiln developed and produced by HANDA via many years research, has guaranteed quality and top-notch technology. In a word, our active carbon rotary kiln has rational structure, excellent fabrication, high productivity, low energy consumption, easy operation and other advantages. The materials produced by active carbon rotary kiln have the following merits, including strong ability of chemical reaction, small volume density, large specific surface area and so forth, which makes it sought after and acclaimed among main auxiliary materials in the various industries, like steel-making, coking and calcium carbide industry at home and abroad at present.

active carbon rotary kiln

To be specific, active carbon rotary kiln has a series of obvious performance advantages. With the advanced technical process, using HANDA rotary kiln has the benefits of environmental protection, energy conservation, mechanization, higher degree of automation(PLC bus-mastering) and so on. Moreover, adopting modern new-type burner technology, active carbon rotary kiln can make full use of cheap energy, especially making use of flammable gas that is harmful to environment as part energy sources, changing waste material into things of value. What’s more, the raw materials and bunkers for active carbon rotary kiln production line have strong adaption, and our kiln is convenient to operate and maintain, so it has become the preferred kiln type in the lime industry. Besides, with the advanced kiln head and tail technology and device, the active carbon rotary kiln can work very stably with high yield.