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There are several ways and means of energy saving and consumption reducing on the rotary kiln calcining since HANDA designed and produced the Eco-friendly cement clinker rotary kiln. For example, this environmentally friendly rotary kiln can not only develop NSP technology, promote the calcining quality of cement clinker, but also attach great importance to energy conservation and consumption reduction.

cement clinker rotary kiln

Adopting the Eco-friendly cement clinker rotary kiln, the above energy saving operations mainly manifest as follows: 

♦  Lower the heat loss when cement clinker cooling.

  Lower the heat loss of rotary kiln drum.

  Lower the heat loss of incomplete combustion.

  Lower the heat loss taken by evaporation of water.

  Lower the heat loss taken by kiln dust.

  Use the excess heat to lower the heat loss taken by exhaust gas.

The actual measurements taken for comprehensive utilization of resources and environmental protection contain the following steps. First, cement clinker rotary kiln can help to make full use of low-grade principle to increase the efficiency of resource consumption, developing the new sources of cement raw material. Second, HANDA cement clinker rotary kiln can enlarge the using range of industrial residue and recycle the combustible waste. Third, in virtue of utilizing high-efficiency dust collection equipment to deal with dust, cement clinker rotary kiln can enhance the prevention and treatment of harmful gas and assist in popularizing the high-performance concrete and bulk cement.

cement clinker rotary kiln

The cleaning of Eco-friendly cement clinker rotary kiln would be finished via the advanced technology and equipment. Meanwhile, operators need to reinforce the quality management, and use the raw materials and fuel rationally. Under the premise of meeting the relevant standards, using cement clinker rotary kiln can make the most of all available waste, promote the effective utilization of resources and energy sources. Moreover, it can lower or avoid the generation of pollutant, reduce the emissions of greenhouse gas and ensure the application process non-toxic and harmless to human and environment.