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Rotary kiln is rotary calcining kiln, commonly known as rotate kiln, belonging to building materials equipment. According to different handling materials, rotary kiln could be divided into cement kiln, metallurgy chemical kiln and lime kiln. Thereinto, rotary kiln for cement industry is mainly used to calcine cement clinker, and can be divided into two types, including dry-process rotary kiln for cement production and wet-process rotary kiln cement production. 

rotary kiln for cement industry

The application of rotary kiln dates from cement manufacture. In 1824, an UK cement worker J. Ahsp invented a soiled-shaft kiln with intermittent operation; a German invented a multi laminate shaft kiln with continuous operation in 1883; while UK ERansome invented rotary kiln in 1885. After patent in UK and US, rotary kiln was brought into production and considerable economic benefits was be achieved very soon. The invent of rotary kiln makes cement industry gained mushroom growth, and meanwhile promotes the research to rotary kiln applications. Therefore, rotary kiln has been widely used into many industrial fields in short time, played more and more important role in these industrial production and become the key equipment in the corresponding enterprise production. Among the application area of rotary kiln, the quantity in cement industry is the most.

As is well-known, cement rotary kiln industry is in the rapid development stage in current society, and HANDA also grows quickly under this background, discovering problems, discussing problems, solving problems and keeping innovation during the production process, all of which make HANDA become a leading professional cement rotary kiln designer and producer. As one type of rotary kiln, rotary kiln for cement industry, mainly used to process cement, is equipment of high temperature calcination to cement raw material, and is the most key device as well as cement ball mill in the production process of cement.

rotary kiln for cement industry

Cement rotary kiln produced by HANDA adopts the advanced hydro-damper device, high-precision speed regulator valve and piston pump with high measuring accuracy, which is easy to operate and reliable to use. Based on the existing experience, using rotary kiln for cement industry can improve 10% operating rate, raising 5%-10% output and lowering 15% heat consumption.