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The Egypt customer have visited us. Both of party negotiates on the technological plan and equipment selection on the project of dead burned limestone.

dead burned limestone rotary kiln

The limestone is crushed and screened, then feeding into the rotary kiln and burned under the high temperature of 1400-1480 degree, the finished product is dead burned lime, which is the high quality raw material for the high efficient soundless cracking agent.

dead burned limestone rotary kiln

   Handa supply India customer the coconut shell carbonization machine, which produce 1 ton carbon per hour.

  The carbonization furnace is continuous type and environment friendly, which mainly include the follow parts: gasifier, flue gas purifier, condenser, fans, burners, carbonization furnace etc. This equipment adopting the model of drum destructive distillation

Handan’s carbonization furnace
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   HANDA now finished to establish a semi-industrial rotary kiln system for calcination experiment, which could do calcination experiment for customer’s raw material. This will supply the data support for the model choosing and temperature control of the customer’s industrial rotary kiln. This semi-industrial rotary kiln system take natural gas as fuel. Supported by this semi-industrial rotary kiln system, HANDA could supply the rotary kiln sintering test for customers.  

rotary kiln system for calcination experiment 

Rotary kiln system for calcination experiment